About us

The founder and owner of ODENWOLF, Philipp Bugert, always had one name buzzing through his head before starting the company. The name ODENWOLF was able to combine two important points.

On the one hand, the beginning of the term is reminiscent of the beautiful Odenwald, a forest in the southern part of Germany and the headquarters of our family business. On the other hand, it is based on the first name of Philipp Bugert's grandfather, who loved to spend his free time in nature and was also interested in knives. To this day, our family business tries to stay true to these two anchor points. A close exchange with our outdoor friends enables us to develop high-quality products that make trips into nature even more enjoyable.

In every millimeter of our products are the wishes and suggestions of our outdoor friends. Suggestions for improvement are not lost in the sand, but flow directly into product development. Our slogan "BE PART OF THE WOLFPACK" is not an empty phrase, but an important part of our work.

We are listening

Others stutter off messages - we really listen to you! Did you know that wolves can hear sounds up to 40 kilohertz? He hears twice as much as humans. Customer proximity is not just an empty phrase for us, but an important anchor point. Criticism flows directly into the improvement of our products.

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