How to sharpen Odenwolf's knives with a whetstone?
The knives are sharpened by this procedure back to a pointed and sharp blade. Only a high-quality and traditional sharpening stone can implement this procedure guaranteed.

Step by step instructions:
First, start with a coarse whetstone (1000). Let it soak in cold water for about 5-10 minutes until no more bubbles rise to the surface. Only then will the whetstone have soaked in the appropriate amount of water.

Place the soaked stone on a non-slip surface so that accurate work is guaranteed.

In the next step, it is important to find the right angle (30° - 45°). This angle should not change during the entire process.

Now choose one of the following methods to sharpen your knife.

1 Asian method (press)

Place two or three fingers on the blade and run them over the whetstone with enough pressure. Push the knife away from your body in the first stroke, and pull it back toward you in the second stroke.

Work step by step from the tip of the blade to the other end.

2 Western method (pull)

Pull the blade diagonally towards you. The entire blade should be pulled over the whetstone. This process can be repeated as needed.

Be sure to keep the correct angle at all times during sharpening. Do not turn the knife until a clear board, a type of steel thread, emerges from the back. This can best be felt with a finger or fingernail.

Now repeat the process for the other side.

After both sides have been ground, a new and sharp edge has been created at the same time. If one of the sides of the knife is still not perfectly formed, this side can be dragged over the coarse grindstone a few more times.

After this process has been repeated a few times, the fine grinding stone (6000) should now be used. However, before this can be used, the fine grindstone must also be placed in cold water and allowed to soak in water for about 5-10 minutes.

If this step is already done, you can drag the knife over the whetstone for only a few minutes and with only light pressure.

After you have completed all these steps, you can test your new and sharp knife. It should be much sharper now if you use it correctly.

Have fun with your Odenwolf's knife.

If you follow a few simple rules, it's easy to start a cozy campfire with the Wolfgangs fire starter.

It all depends on the right tinder
One thing first: commercially available newspaper is completely unsuitable as tinder. If you want to start a fire with an ignition steel, you need a tinder that is much finer and more flammable than standard paper.

Probably the easiest tinder to find is birch bark.

Look for dead or fallen birch trees in your area. The striking white bark is a distinctive birch tree identifier.

Gather a few dry strips of bark and form them into a ball in your hand. Already you have an optimal tinder at hand.

It also doesn't hurt to put a few pieces of birch bark in your pocket. That way you'll always have good tinder on hand.

The right preparation
A wood fire needs your full attention in the start-up phase and must be gradually "fed" with the next largest pieces of wood. If you put a big log directly on the small flame, your fire would suffocate.

So before you light the tinder, make sure you have enough small branches and pieces of wood within your reach. The same goes for medium and larger logs. This is all part of proper preparation.

Only when you have collected enough wood should you start igniting the tinder.

Hold the fire steel at a 45° angle to the tinder, getting close enough so that about 1/3 of the fire steel is in the tinder.

Now use the sharp-edged back of your knife (never use the cutting edge) to drag it across the tinder from top to bottom. It's almost like using a vegetable peeler to peel potatoes or cucumbers.

If you do everything right, there should be clearly visible sparks.

Now wait a few seconds when you see a spark. As soon as smoke rises, you are already halfway there. Now blow a little and when your tinder is burning, add the smallest pieces of wood. As soon as they are burning, add the next larger pieces of wood. And so on.

Have fun and success with your next campfire.